Planned Giving

Watch an introduction to planned giving.

This page is a great place to start as you consider your estate-plan options and as you look for ways to glorify God in the process. Many people think of an estate plan as simply deciding the way in which your possessions should be distributed after you die. In reality, you can do so much more through a comprehensive estate plan. The resources that are provided on these pages are designed to help you understand your options and also share some information for you to consider when creating an estate plan.

Take some time to browse these pages and learn about the many options that are available to you. When you are ready, feel free to contact us for additional information, for personal guidance, or for specific resources that can help you create an estate plan that is truly suited to your unique situation. To get started on your own personalized estate plan, contact Paul Snamiska at 262-677-4051 or

Planned Giving FAQs
Check out these frequently asked questions and get some quick answers regarding planned giving.

How Planned Giving Helps KML
Learn how your planned gift can benefit the current operations of KML and also provide on-going support for the ministry.

First Steps in Creating an Estate Plan
Where do you start if you want to create an estate plan? Check out this link to learn more.

Support KML and Reduce Your Tax Burden
The government encourages charitable donations by providing tax advantages and incentives. This section shares methods that allow you to support KML and get the tax advantages as well.

Tools for Estate Planning
There are many ways in which you can make a charitable donation to KML through your estate. Each tool is unique and has its own set of requirements and advantages.


To discuss a planned gift to KML, contact your KML Estate Plan and Deferred Gift Counselor, 
Paul Snamiska, at 262-677-4051 or

The information that is provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Consult your personal tax consultant, attorney, or financial planner for specifics that apply to your personal situation.