Where are we now?
PAC close up

Look how far God
has brought us!

To God be the glory
and praise!

$6,830,000 overall debt (plus interest and fees) as of 2/1/17

$ 3,118,624 cash received
$    497,259 outstanding pledges
$3,615,834 raised towards debt ... as of January 31, 2017

Just like your house mortgage, the faster we pay down the principal amount, the less interest will be charged.

By the numbers:
59 Macedonians
 185 Builders (auto withdrawals) for capital campaign = $5,944/month

Together we can do it and give honor to our God!

Join the joyful noise!

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For more information, please contact:

Mr. David Bartelt, Superintendent
262-677-4051 x1110

Mrs. Wendy Breimon, Mission Advancement
262-677-4051 x1118