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How will the KML PAC serve the community?

 View this document for insight into how the KML PAC will serve our community.

How can I support the new PAC?

   View this document to find out how you can support the new PAC.

I just gave a gift, why are pledges and auto withdrawals so important?

   Pledges benefit the donor and KML.  The Federation that owns the campus can be confident the long-term debt will be serviced through pledges from individuals.  The donor benefits by staying closely connected to KML for a longer period of time.  Often the gifts given over a longer period may have greater impact than a one-time gift.

Will the PAC be available to the community?

 There will be many opportunities to invite the surrounding communities to our campus for concerts, theatre productions, and worship services where they will see excellence in Lutheran education.  We have the chance to be lights for the name of Jesus!  In addition, we will invite professional organizations, orchestras, and theatre groups to perform in our facility.  KML can help encourage the appreciation of the fine arts in Washington County.

Is there interest from outside organizations to use our PAC?

   Yes!  Letters of interest have been received from The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, The Kettle Moraine Symphony, and The Trinity Irish Dancers.  These organizations are excited to bring the fine arts to Washington County.

What are the benefits of the KML PAC?

Worship Life

  • Our student body, faculty, staff, and campus guests will have a worship setting that is focused on Christ.
  • Furniture, symbols, and large musical instruments can be protected and carefully maintained.


  • Help alleviate scheduling issues in offering students the classes they want.
  • Eliminate many scheduling conflicts due to lack of space.


  • Reduce wear and tear on the gym area caused by set up for concerts, musicals, and other fine arts activities.
  • The gym is currently used for multiple purposes, and the PAC could help avoid some of the space and time conflicts.
  • The additional availability of facilities might allow us to seriously consider beginning another winter sport for boys.


  • Currently, the visual arts program is limited by space.  Students must put away all supplies and work before leaving the classroom every day.  This creates a variety of issues that limit the curriculum and academic growth of our students.
  • When the Performing Arts Center is built, the art room will move to the current music room which is approximately four times larger than the art room.  This extra space would allow for a more organized and expanded art program.


  • KML has an extensive music program with around 300 students throughout the day squeezing into one room about the size of one of our larger class rooms.  The PAC would relieve the growing stress of the music program and add space for daily choir and band classes.
  • KML will have a chance to truly show off its talent during the various plays and concerts.
  • Chapel in the gym involves setting up more than 100 chairs each day for worship.  With a PAC, the students would be allowed to worship and praise God in an environment that doesn’t smell or look like a gym.
  • It is obvious that Kettle is blessed with a great campus.  We have four computer labs, nice football fields and ball diamonds, two soccer pitches, large outdoor areas for biology and AP Environmental Science classes, a solar panel system, two gyms, plus a great place to run for Cross Country.  Any student at KMLHS can easily see how a Performing Arts Center will complete our school.

Band & Choral

  • Our own programs will be able grow.  Dedicated practice space will be more efficient for practice and equipment.  Individual singing groups and instrumental ensembles will no longer compete for space and practice times.  The facility is a commitment to an important part of the education of our students in the fine arts.


  • At KML parents have been blessed to see and hear their children use their skills in the classroom and on the fields, courts, and track.  The PAC will provide a new vision into God’s blessings, one which presents the opportunity for our students to showcase their God-given talents.


  • Alumni will be able to experience all the amenities which the PAC will offer.
  • Alumni will have the opportunity to utilize the facility for other events, and of course, support the current KML students in their performance and expression of the fine arts.
  • With the addition of the PAC to the KML campus, alumni will have a new reason to visit their high school and witness God’s plan in blessing their high school.

Elementary School Band

  • The PAC will contain many rooms that will benefit not only the Fine Arts Department at KML, but the entire school and federation, offering a quality environment for the students of the KML Federation to learn about music and the arts.
  • The Elementary School Band Program currently has 113 students.  The auditorium will provide adequate and improved rehearsal space that will optimize the education our children receive.


  • The PAC facility will bring the fine arts to Washington County.  Our visitors will see what excellence looks like in Lutheran education as they come to concerts, theatre productions, and professional performances.

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