Charger Club

The purpose of the Charger Club is to do the following in a God-pleasing manner to His glory and the benefit of Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School:

  1. Promote the development and general welfare of KMLHS.
  2. Promote student and family involvement and interest in co-curricular activities at KMLHS.
  3. Provide moral, physical and financial support for co-curricular activities at KMLHS.
  4. Provide Christian fellowship opportunities for members of the KML family.

Membership in the Charger Club includes all parents or guardians of KML students and may include any adult (over 18) interested in the progress and development of co-curricular activities at KMLHS.
The Charger Club conducts various activities to raise funds for programs supported by the Club.  Many volunteers are needed to make these events successful.  Support KML by volunteering to help in any way with some of the activities.

  • Magazine Sale – Beginning in the month of September and continuing throughout the year.  Volunteers are needed to tally and check orders for accuracy.
  • Trivia Night –  Held annually in October. Look for volunteer specifics throughout the month of September. Contact a Charger Club board member to assist with this exciting event!
  • Plant Sale – Held end of March and beginning of April.  Help is needed to oversee plant delivery and pick up in May.
  • Ushers – Help is needed to assist the head usher, especially for concerts and musical events.

The Charger Club's main source of income comes from the fundraisers listed above.  Throughout the year we also generate income from the Target “Take Charge of Education” program, the Kwik Trip Rewards program, and the sale of photo buttons.  We also receive direct donations to support our budget or for special projects.

The Charger Club gets involved in many aspects of student education here at KML and helps support annual expenses in the following areas:

  • Fine Arts Department
  • Athletic Department
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Library Books & Publications
  • Awards
  • Student Organizations

Besides the normal committee activity, there are times KML can use additional help in the following areas:

  • Secretarial - Typing, computer skills, filing, mailing
  • Handyman - Painting/refinishing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, lawn care, etc.
  • Art Skills - Calligraphy, line drawing, graphic arts, banner/poster making, bulletin boards
  • Leadership - Board of Directors, special committees, Charger Club Officers
  • Miscellaneous - Drama, choreography, forensics, coaching, writing, sewing, etc.

It takes a team effort from the Charger Club to make each school year a success.  Call the KML office at 262-677-4051 or any of the Charger Club officers to volunteer to help with any of these activities.

Click here to read the Charger Club constitution