Course Scheduling

A core group of Guidance Team Leaders (GTLs) work with the students as they select their courses for the next school year.  The GTLs are Mrs. Krause, Mr. Kuehl, Mr. Mellon, Pastor Mehlberg, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Schramm, and Mr. Schramm.  

The GTLs meet with their advisees to develop and refine a 4-year course of study and then to help them to select their course for the next school year.  The GTLs are knowledgeable about KML's curriculum as well as the college entry requirements that must be met.  Parents will become involved in the course selection process either by signing off on the courses that their children have chosen or through discussions with the GTLs.

The goal of the GTL program is to serve our student and families better by becoming more efficient and more effective in the whole course selection process.