Mr. Wes Schmandt
Here's how to change your keyboard on chromebook to access the ä, ö, ß, ü etc.
Foreign Language Outcomes
Daily Homework Grading System  (German One and Two)
Helping Hans und Helga
Useful Websites for independent learning :  Word list for Zertifikat Deutsch  :  Städte lernen von Goethe :  A great website for teens from our sister-synod (ELFK).  Devotions and Q and A and other :  The website for our sister-synod in Germany. :  A search engine in German for Children--perfect for the learner of German at any level. :  An informational site for more advanced learners. :  a great search site for German media.  Good for the middle to advanced learners. :  A news site for kids.  Good for the middle to advanced learners. : A current events site for middle to advanced learners. :  A site with useful vocabulary lists. :Create a playlist and listen to German Music!  Just type German as the genre of music you are searching for.  :  Test your level of German according to the Common European Framework.  : Test you listening skills at all levels
GERMAN I--Anfänger
Google Code:  a8d251
German I Content

GERMAN II--Mittelstufe
Google Code:  2. Stunde: rpi4g3
Google Code:  3. Stunde:  tbqes4j
Euro Bankkonto

GERMAN III--Fortgeschrittene Anfänger
Google Code:  zm06su
German III/IV expectations
Grading for writing

GERMAN IV--Fortgeschrittene
Google Code: q3uz4u
Grading for speaking
Grading for writing online mystery in German.