Graduation Requirements

All students must successfully complete the following course of study in order to graduate from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School: 

Religion - 4 credits
English - 4 credits
Mathematics - 3 credits
Social Studies - 3 credits
Science - 3 credits
Physical Education / Health - 1.5 credits
Computer Skills - 1 credit
Fine Arts - 1 credit
Electives - 5 credits

Religion requirements:  (4 credits)
Freshman:  Foundations of Christian Faith
Sophomore:  Christ in Prophecy and Fulfillment
Junior:  Christian Living:  Church and Family
Senior:  Christ’s Church Marches to Glory

English requirements:  (4 credits)
Freshman:  Language Arts
Sophomore:  Composition and Literature
Junior:  American Literature / Advanced Comp.
Senior:  English Literature OR World Literature AND Rhetorical Focus requirement courses (one required, others electives): Creative Writing, Extemporaneous Speaking, Journalism 1, Journalism 2 OR Literacy for Life (for non-college bound seniors only)
Note:  The Rhetorical Focus requirement may be fulfilled during the junior or senior year.  (Journalism may be taken during the sophomore year.)  At least one Rhetorical Focus course is required of college-bound students for graduation.

Mathematics:  (3 credits)
Course selections based on student ability, career goals, and placement by math faculty.

Social Studies requirements:  (1.5 credits)
Junior:  United States History
Senior:  U.S. Government

Science:  (2 credits)
Either Biology or Biological Science is required for graduation.  The credit may be earned at any time, but most students earn it before the end of the 10th grade year.

Physical Education & Health requirement:  (1.5 credits)
Freshman:  Physical Education 9
Sophomore:  Physical Education 10 & Health 10

Business Education / Computer requirement:  (1 credit)
Freshman:  Computer Skills

Fine Arts requirements:  (0.5 credit)
Course selection is based on student interest and may be taken at any time during the high school years.

Technical Education requirements:  None

Family and Consumer Education requirements:  None

Foreign Language requirements:  None
College-bound students are strongly encouraged to study at least 2 years of the same foreign language because the college of choice might require it. Those considering the pastoral ministry are strongly encouraged to take 2 years of any language and at least one year of Latin.